About Us

PureGlam was born from a desire to give more women access to authentic beauty. Historically relaxed regulations in America means corners are being cut, leaving women with unreliable and unsafe products. Our goal is to solve this problem!

After hearing this from customers time and time again, we formed our mission: creating beauty products in that don’t prioritize profits over people. After a year of consulting with industry professionals, cosmetic chemists, we crafted formulas that brought incredible results, without compromising on safety standards. 

We have designed the most convenient solution for a fullerlonger, and thicker eyelashes. Using natural plant extracts, the PureLash Serum Enhancer keeps your Eyelashes healthier, all while providing a strengthening & growth effect.

Our main priority is YOU, our customers. If you have any issue with your order, or if you have a question about our products, feel free to contact us by email at help@pureglam.co

We look forward to solving all your eyelashes problems!

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